2018 Winter Training Race & Clinic

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is proud to announce the return of the


USAC Permit# Pending

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All races will take place at the

James Rumsey Technical Institute Driving Range


● A RACE: MEN’S 1/2/3/4 & W1/2/3/4 as a guideline    60 mins     12 PM
● B RACE: MEN’S 4/5 & WOMEN 4/5 as a guideline    60 mins     11 AM*
*These races do count towards your 10 mass finish races for CAT 5 upgrade
*Race course will not be open for pre-riding until after 10:15am due to an ongoing clinic.


Thinking about bicycle road racing but not sure how to get started?  
Do you have friends who keep telling you to give it a try?
Team Integrity Cycling will host a clinic for new racers during its Winter Training Race. The clinic will be run by experienced USA Cycling certified coaches and racers from Otterhaus Coaching. Participants will run through a series of drills designed to help riders understand basic race dynamics and improve pack riding skills. The sessions will be followed by a training race in which experienced riders will serve as race mentors, and will be concluded with a debriefing to answer questions and discuss the race. Participants will earn 4 points towards their USA Cycling Category 4 upgrade.Clinic alone is $15; full Beginning Racer Program
(clinic, race and post-race debriefing) is $30.

Clinic Schedule
8:00 am: Registration
8:30 – 10:45 am: Beginning Racer Clinic (Men and Women)
11:00 am: Beginning Race & Debriefing



  • Registration opens at 8:00 am & will take place inside of the James Rumsey Technical Institute
  • You can utilize day of race registration, or pre-register for an individual race on bikereg.com
  • Individual race pre-registration fee is $20
  • Day of race registration is $25
  • USA Cycling license required for all races.
  • One Day license available for $10 at race registration the day of the race for beginner Men and Women, or online during registration

There is a minimum of 10 riders pre-registered for each category. If this requirement is not met, the Race Director reserves the right to combine or cancel the category!

Races will be cancelled for any of the following weather conditions.
  1. Snow or freezing precipitation
  2. Temperatures below 25 degrees F, or wind chills below 20 degrees F.
  3. Rain if the temperature is below 45 degrees F.
  4. If ice patches are along the course and the temperature is not going to rise above freezing, races will be cancelled. If temperatures are expected to rise above freezing we will delay events until such time.
  5. “Rain”​ ​date​ ​is​ ​Sunday​ ​3/18/2018
We will email you the day before the event about the cancellation or delay if needed. 

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