What cycling disciplines do your team members participate in?
  • We have team members that participate in Criterium (Crit) races which can be described as NASCAR on bikes where the races are held on a short closed course being 500 - 1000 meters in a single lap.
  • Time Trials (TT) which range from a distance of 10 miles to 40K (24.8 miles)
  • Stage races which can consist of a Time Trial (TT), a Criterium and a road race (RR)
  • Road races. There are usually closed courses or rolling closed courses
  • When also have athletes that compete in Aquabike, which is a swimming event, and bike time trial and athletes that compete in duathlons which are run and bike events and then there are triathlons which consist of a swim, bike and run.
What is the benefit of joining a team?
Knowledge, and experience! Bike racing can be intimidating, and having team members to ask questions about training and what to expect during a race is priceless.

Do I need to join a team to race? 
Anyone can enter a race without joining a team.  However, few cyclists finish on the podium without the assistance of teammates.  A large part of racing success entails energy conservation.  If an individual rider responds to attacks and breakaways, the probability of conserving enough energy to finish out a race is quite small.  Using teammates to create a “draft” through various formations and tempos allows a team leader to preserve the necessary energy needed to win in the final kilometers.

How much time commitment is required to be part of the team?
There is no specific time requirement to be a team member.  Members can join just simply to be part of the greatest team on earth, with no other commitment!  We do, however, recommend being involved, even if it’s just to join fun rides like our bi-weekly shop rides, fall foliage ride, trips to skyline drive or a few training rides.  We do incentivize team members by providing free clothing for volunteering and being involved a few times a year.  Of course, if you wish to race and be competitive we recommend more than a minimum commitment.  Typically a beginner racer rides or trains 2-3 days a week.  Cat 3 & 4 racers will train 6 days a week (about 15 hours).  Elite level racers will train 20-30 hours a week.

Who are we?
Team Integrity is a competitive amateur cycling team (on the club level) that enjoys training and racing together. Initially, we started as just a junior's team, then later expanded to include adult racing as well. We have USAC certified coaches, and continue to work closely with the juniors (in fact, our adult members are a large part of the influence for our juniors). We compete mainly in the PCA (Pennsylvania Cycling Association, and MABRA (Mid Atlantic Bike Racing Association) jurisdictions and, although we are open to competing anywhere in USAC's jurisdiction. We accept members that are interested in competing (at any level) throughout all disciplines of cycling including (but not limited to): road cycling, off road cycling, triathlons, duathlons, etc.

What are the membership requirements?
USA Cycling will license racers beginning at 10 years of age (USAC licensing is a separate fee, additional to any membership dues). Once your license is purchased and membership dues are paid (and the proper paperwork completed), you can attend any training or racing event in which we participate. We will order team clothing as often as financially reasonable, typically once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. Once all sponsorships are secured for each year, the membership will be made aware of the details. And most of all, have fun! Racing is an enjoyable hobby that has benefits to be realized by the individual and team alike. It is our belief that training and racing in the team atmosphere allows the individual to maximize their own benefits, accomplishments, and goals.

When do we meet/train/practice?
Throughout the year (beginning in January and ending usually in September), we meet weekly to work on conditioning, pedaling dynamics, bike racing "theory", etc. , and then carry our training to the outdoors once the weather permits. The number of events/races that we participate in throughout the year is not a set number, but a matter of our member's availability to attend. You are not required to attend every event that the team participates in.

Where do we train/race?
Typically, we train outdoors in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, rolling throughout Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties. Sometimes, we venture into Maryland or Virginia, usually in Washington, Clarke, and Frederick counties. When the weather demands that we train indoors, we find an area that will accommodate all interested parties. We will need to find a larger area as the team grows, however, such a location has not yet been determined. We compete mainly in the PCA (Pennsylvania Cycling Association) and MABRA (Mid Atlantic Bike Racing Association) area and events, although we are open to competing anywhere in USAC's jurisdiction.

Why "Team Integrity"?
Team Integrity was born from a combination of a love for competitive cycling, a desire to share/grow the sport, and a willingness to mentor kids. Throughout the country, there is a limited availability of competitive cycling to the youth. This is evidenced by a small number of juniors cycling clubs/programs, the lack of junior's fields in the majority of races on the calendar, and by the limited availability of youth cycling equipment and apparel on the market. It is a goal of the coaching and mentoring members of the team to teach and demonstrate the correct and most efficient methods of riding and racing a bicycle. In our opinion, it is also extremely important to promote positive participation and sportsmanship throughout the sport, leading to a better experience had by all who choose to compete in our areas. Functioning as positive members of our communities will also build strong and healthy relationships with our communities, as well as non-cycling residents.