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Argyle Time Trial Race Report from Rik Lee

posted Sep 3, 2013, 10:50 AM by Chris Burns
There were volunteers and Jefferson County Sheriffs reserves at every corner making it easy to concentrate on racing and not having to worry about traffic.

I left 15th in the CAT5's and all that I really wanted to accomplish is to not come in last. We were starting in 1 minute intervals so I knew if I could at least keep the guy that left in front of me in sight I had a good chance at not embarrassing myself. I left to the encouragement of some folks and just focused on my HR number that I knew I could keep. I wanted to finish strong so I set on a number that was a few bpm less than the FTP number that I had been using.

I had sight of the guy that left 1 minute in front of me by mile 3 right before the turn onto Old Leetown road. I didn't want to be behind that rider on Old Leetown so I spent some energy to get around him before the corner.

After the corner my thoughts immediately turned to keeping my HR number where it needed to be for the next turn. All I was trying do was to focus on breathing, pedal stroke and HR numbers.

I could catch a glimpse of the next person on my 'hit' list at mile 6 but he was a bit far for me to catch with me narrowly missing beating him to the line by 10 seconds.

I remember sprinting to the finish and then losing the visor on the Giro Air Attack helmet that I had borrowed from Chris. The rest was a dark tunnel for the last 100 yards.

At the end I had left it all on the course to take a 2nd place; 39 seconds behind the winner. 
Both the winner and my times in CAT5 were good enough that we would have made the podium in CAT4 which made it even sweeter.

Thanks to family, friends and especially my team mates for the support, encouragement and help in getting back to where I was before the accident I had in June. It's been a long row to hoe with countless hours spent ridding (not trying to lift a table from the top right Coach?), running and in the gym getting, as Laura likes to call it - all swoll up.

What did I learn or get from the effort? 

o   I got a new FTP number which will now make me work even harder; DAG! that's a never ending cycle (no pun intended) but far better than where I was at the end of July.

o   A shiny piece of hardware - my first one for a singular effort on the bike.

o   This time trial stuff is pretty cool. It really allows you to focus on your own performance and leave the rest to where the chips fall. 

o   The highlight of the event... A sweet kiss from the podium girl.

Next race - WV State Time Trial.  While my expectations are high for the event I don't expect to make the podium. Top half would be nice.