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Deep Blue TT race report from Rik Lee

posted Oct 8, 2013, 9:56 AM by Chris Burns
Rik Lee
Deep Blue Time Trial race report

I got to Delaware City, which is where the race ends, in plenty of time to talk to some folks that I know from around this area. They had participated in this race before and gave me some idea of what to expect. After picking up my number I set out to ride to the start which is in New Castle trying to note where any holes or possible encounters with traffic may be. The course turned out to be relatively flat with only 240' of gain over the 10 miles and some decent pavement but two railroad track crossings which were very rough.

The race began in New Castle with an immediate right hand corner out of the starting house followed up by a combination of a left, right, left all within a half mile of the start. I caught the first rider at about mile 2 and thought... well, I won't be last. Keeping my head down as much as possible while monitoring my HR I just kept grinding it out passing another rider at about mile 5 and another shortly after that. At mile 7.5 I had to make a very tight left hand turn which scrubbed off a lot of momentum I could have carried if I could have used the entire width of the road (more on that below). At mile 8 I passed my 4th rider and was still not overdoing my HR which I just try to keep at about 160. At mile 9.5 was the last turn, again a left hander where I had to scrub off a lot of speed, onto Clinton street. Only 3/4 mile to the finish so whatever was left I drained the tank, or as Matt likes to say... I left everything on the course; well at Battery Park.

I finished 4th; 1.84 seconds off the podium at an average speed of 24.8 mph.

In all a great day of racing and to have other competitors in the class come up after the race and say 'you were flat out flying' made the effort worth it.

The course marshals did a good job of keeping traffic away from the riders and I only had issues at two corners which were both left hand 90 degree turns. The police had traffic stopped in the direction I was traveling so I had to go to the left of vehicles which made the turn a tighter radius than I would have made it if given the entire width of the road. 

I've found that I do enjoy Time Trials so I had either hit my head harder on that truck back in June than previously thought or I'm just programmed 'different'.
The MATT (Mid Atlantic Time Trial) series of races will probably be on my race calendar next year.