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Matt Adams winns 1st Place

posted Mar 18, 2013, 11:09 AM by Chris Burns   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 8:36 AM ]
ABRA Training Race #2
Matt's Race Report
"Yesterday was a great day of racing!  The rain that was forecasted earlier in the week didn't happen, and despite the cold I got my first win!  The field was smaller this week, and the guy who won last week wasn't there ( I was hoping to be able to race him again).  That being said, there were a couple decently fast guys.  We shut down the few breakaway attempts, and my other WVU teammates helped me keep the pace of the field at a manageable pace until the final few laps.  As we came up the final climb I positioned myself right behind the leader, and when he started to speed up for the final turn I jumped up and sprinted into the turn.  Halfway to the finish line I turned and saw I had a big gap so I sat up and claimed the win.  It was a textbook finish.  Also, I did win both of the primes for the marshmallow peeps."