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Philadelphia Naval Yard Crit

posted Apr 10, 2013, 7:10 AM by Chris Burns
Race Report by Bryan Stottlemyer
Last Saturday, Chris and I headed up to Philadelphia for the Phila. Naval Yard Crit. If you have an opportunity to do this race next year, it really is a neat venue. The Naval Yard appears to be somewhat of a retirement community for decommissioned war ships. As I was arriving, I saw the rows of frigates, maybe a couple of battle ships, and aid ships, and when I left, I snapped a picture of an aircraft carrier (attached). Pretty cool stuff. 
The course itself was 100% kind of race! There were 6 right hand turns, and one left hand turn on the 0.9mi. course. Potholes (manhole covers) were abundant. The weather was cold and windy (right on the water).
We started the race with 47 riders. During our warm up on the trainers (which Chris hated), we talked a little bit about strategy. For the most part, mine was the same as always: Stay in the front 25% of the race, prevent any gaps from opening in front of me, and use my energy for accelerating out of the corners and for the final sprint. For the most part, my race happened exactly like that. It was a fast race, with some powerful legs in it. Somewhere around half way through the race, Chris made his way in front of me, so I stuck to his wheel for about 6 laps or so. He did an awesome job of closing a few small gaps out of the corners...had he been a weaker rider, there may have been a separation. With 3 laps to go, I was sitting around 12th place and started my move up. With 2 to go, I made sure that a group didn't launch off the front. On the last lap, I jumped up to 5th or so, and sat there until the last couple turns, when there was a lot of panic around me with people starting to fight for position. I stayed steady until the final stretch, when a couple guys launched WAYYYYYYY early for the sprint, so I waited a few seconds longer and started my kick...sprinting to a 3rd place finish.