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President Bryan Stottlemyer Recognized by PCA

posted Jan 20, 2014, 10:12 PM by Chris Burns
The Pennsylvania Cycling Association's (PCA) award banquet was held at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Macungie, PA on Saturday, January 18th.  While Bryan and Laura, Team Integrity's President and Treasurer, were in attendance to receive Bryan's Senior Men's Category 4 Second Place award,  an unexpected recognition of the Presidents award was presented by PCA's President, Dave Mitchell, to Bryan.   Mitchell stated:

"This person is a groundbreaker, in that his team was the first from WV to register for the PA Road BAR and he was from what I can ascertain the first WV rider to earn PA BAR points. His dedication to the sport is appreciated and acknowledged by the PCA and I hope it will set a trend for the future. Now I just hope he doesn’t ask the PCA board for a grant to cover his 2013 gas and tolls."

Many TI members spent a lot of time racing in Pennsylvania, especially around Philadelphia and the costs did add up!  Bryan was honored and humbled with the acknowledgement, but wanted to express that this was a Team award as none of it would be possible without our incredible members and sponsors.  

Congratulations to Bryan and Team Integrity Cycling on a wonderful season!