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Winter Training Camp

posted Feb 8, 2013, 10:47 AM by Chris Burns
The 4 of us that spent a week riding in the Florida weather had a great time. Temps were usually between 75-85 degrees, and the roads were very rider-friendly. We spent 5 solid days in the saddle, usually riding from the St. Pete area, to destinations such as Ft. Desoto, Clearwater Beach, and the St. Pete Pier. We rode on the Pinellas Trail (which was pretty similar to the W&OD trail) for some of our miles, and also fantastic roads such as Gulf Blvd (runs down the Gulf coast), and Rt. 679 (which runs down the long stretch to Ft. Desoto Park). We followed a "ramp-up" format, performing increasingly difficult workouts, until our 2 hour recovery ride on Monday, then hammered out a long (nearly 5 hour) workout on Tuesday, and then finally rested on Wednesday. In all, we rode about 16.5 hours while we were there, including a "2-a-day" on Sunday. The local food was amazing, and the ocean provided a PERFECT post-ride, recovery soak (just chilly enough to offer what I think is equivalent to an ice bath). We stretched and recovered well each day, and everybody worked hard to maximize our time there.

I'm hoping that this becomes something that we can put together each year. I think 250 strategic miles spent in 80 degree weather is valuable training this time of year.